Thursday, February 16, 2012

Supreme Court holds that public employees may sue employers for intentional torts

The Supreme Court of Ohio held today that when an employee of a political subdivision brings a civil lawsuit against the subdivision alleging an intentional tort, such as defamation, assault, battery, or other delibertte act, that lawsuit may proceed, and an employer may be liable for such. Further, the court's decision finds that an employee’s suit “arises out of the employment relationship” if there is a causal connection or relationship between the claims raised by the employee and the employment relationship.

The decision helps clarify the liablity of, among others, school districts for suits brought against them by employees.


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  2. Glad you posted this. There is often such grey area when it comes to lawsuits based in the educational realm. Interesting...



  3. Good news for employees. This will ensure that employers comply with the labor law and end abuse.